The Anti-Dengue & Repel Mosquitoes Aircon

Korean multinational conglomerate corporation LG electronics has declared to make an air conditioner that can assist in fighting dengue, all year-round threat.

LG Mosquito

Formerly Lucky Goldstar electronics said its new “Mosquito Away” residential air conditioner has a speaker that releases ultrasonic waves that is safe to people but may keep mosquitoes away.


The Mosquito Away air conditioner makes use of a speaker creating an ultrasonic wave that makes inaudible u-wave at a certain frequency of over 30kH that is entirely safe to humans. The ultrasonic wave innovation is very practical and probably the most convenient away to keep mosquitoes away.


The anti-dengue air conditioner unit has actually been tested by Dr. Pio A. Javier, Research Professor of the Crop Protection Cluster of University of the Philippines, Los BaÃos. Test results revealed that the LG air conditioner can ward off native mosquitoes, the dengue-causing Aedes-aegypti, at an extremely high success rate of 82.68 percent.

Aside from its Mosquito Away feature, the new LG air conditioner possesses a low voltage starter that allows the unit to run at a lower voltage in lower temperature levels. Its jet cooling function meanwhile enables quick cooling at lower temperatures.


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